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Frequently Asked Questions


When is Florida Boar hunting season?

Statewide the feral swine season lasts all year by all legal hunting weapons on all private property. There is no license required to hunt hog in the state of Florida on private property.

What should I bring to my Florida Hog hunt?

Besides a large cooler for your meat, you should come prepared to hunt in temperatures between 50-80 degrees. Pigs do not see well, but we recommend that you wear lightweight camouflage clothes and bring a jacket for when it cools down in the late afternoon. Bugs can be a bother at times especially in the summer months, so bringing a Thermacell™ or bug spray is always a good idea. We can provide most items that you do not bring with you at our cost.

How much should I tip my guide?

We charge an 20% guide fee for group hunts. Tipping your guide in addition to the guide fee is greatly appreciated. They work hard to make sure you have a great hunt!

How far in advance should I book my Florida Boar hunt?

We recommend you book your hunt as far in advance as possible to ensure availability. To keep our success rates high we only take a limited number of hunters per week.

What are the success rates?

Success rates are very high and are determined by the skill of the hunter. All of our bait sites are active and visited by many Wild Hog everyday. However, we have no control over how hunters perform on stand, and their abilities to sit still, quiet and observant.

Is the guide with me at all times and what transportation is offered?

During a hog hunt from a stand or blind, your assigned guide will normally drop you off, bait your site and then leave. He will make sure you have a way to contact him then return when you take a shot or are ready be picked up. You may have the guide sit with you for the entire hunt if you would like. During our dog hunts our guides will be with you running the hunt the entire time to ensure your success and safety. You will be picked up shortly after dark.

What time do I need to be there for the boar hunt?

Wild hog are nocturnal animals, very similar to black bear and do not move around much in the early hours of the day. You will meet your guide between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm and hunts may last until dark. To ensure that you have the best hunting opportunity possible, our guides rotate the hunting pressure among all of our ranches. Please call us at 941-549-0662 for check in instructions and locations ONE day prior to your scheduled hunt – no earlier. Contact Us

Where can I stay and do you provide lodging?

We provide lodging at our ranch for $85/night per guest. The rustic cabins are cozy and provide a great place to relax after a long hunt.

How many other hunters will be on the hunt?

We have thousands of acres and dozens of feed sites assuring you and your Florida Hog hunting party will be assigned your own area away from other hunters.

What is the Alligator Alley Outfitters advantage?

You can be assured that our experienced Hog Hunting Guides combined with our vast Florida Hog Hunting Ranches assures that you will have the best possible opportunity to have a safe, successful and exciting hunt. We spend much of our time scouting and baiting the areas we intend to hunt. With teamwork, many clients harvest their animal on the first day or two. Having a several different guides working together proves to be very valuable. Our staff is made up of the most respected hunting guides in the state and arguably among the best in the industry. We have many years of guiding experience and will always go the extra mile.

What sets your hunting grounds apart from others?

Alligator Alley Outfitters grounds are privately owned property. Our hunting grounds are private and we are the only outfitters using the land. We are Florida’s largest fair chase game ranch that specializes in all types of Hog Hunts for all ages.

What hunting methods will be used?

We do not believe in canned hunts or chasing game with in small enclosures shooting from moving vehicles. All of our hunts are either still hunts from blinds with electronic feeders, spot and stalk, dog, or spear hunts. If you do not own a bow or have a physical condition that will not allow you to shoot a bow, we will supply you with a crossbow. We have both ground blinds and tree stand hunts available.

Can I have a guide hunt with me?

You may have a guide stay with you on your entire hunt for no extra fee or you may sit alone depending on the style of hunt. All dog and spot and stalk hunts are fully guided with guides present the entire time.

Can I bring a child? What is the age limit?

We take a lot of pride in having a family friendly operation. Hunters may bring children but only on ground blind hunts. There is no age limit in Florida for Hunting Hogs on Private land. All under aged minor must be accompanied by adults the entire hunt.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master card or Discover for your deposit online but all balances are due in cash only upon arrival.

Where can I practice with my weapon before my hunt?

We offer a 100 yard gun range to check the zero on your rifle. We also have a fun and free 3D range for archers.

Where is the nearest airport?

Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) is located just 40 minutes from the ranch. This is a full service airport providing both public and private aviation facilities to meet your needs. The airport is located in Fort Myers.

What is the size of the hunting grounds?

We enjoy multiple large properties with thousands of acres of privately owned property totaling over 25,000 acres. Our ranches have LOADS of game.

What about meat care and transportation?

We will skin and quarter your hog for $35 or $85 for a trophy hog. We also can transport the animal whole to the local butcher shop. Their rates and fees will apply. All buffalo are skinned and processed buy our butcher only. If you would like to have your animal mounted there is an additional cape fee but we will waive the fee if you use our taxidermist (you will also receive the mount at a significant discount).

What are the cancellation policies?

All deposits are non-refundable. Deposits are transferable to someone taking your spot but are not transferable to someone else who is already booked in.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are absolutely no hidden costs but tipping your assigned guide is customary.

What kind of stands / blinds will I be hunting from?

All of our tree stands are very large holding at least two adults and some of our stands hold up to five adults. We also offer very large ground blinds that hold up to three people, suited for either bow or crossbow hunting. All of our stands and blinds are strategically placed within twenty yards from an electronic feeder. The feeder is set to go off multiple times a day to keep the game coming.

Do you provide weapons?

Yes, we have premium rental weapons available at the rate of $50.00 per day including ammo. We offer many types of rifles including youth model 243 cal.


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