Florida Hogs


Experience traditional Florida hog hunting in the expansive wilderness of South and Central Florida.

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Florida Boar Hunting Package

Start Time:
General Hog – 2:00 PM til dusk
Dog Hunts – 9:00 AM til 1pm
Later start times available upon request.

Wild Hunts vs. Guaranteed Preserve

Wild: Full fair chase hunts in the wild out of a tree stand, ground blind, or spot and stalk. Success rates are high, but cannot guarantee a harvest as this is sport hunting in the wild. Recommended for multiple day hunts.

Guaranteed Preserve: We cannot guarantee a hunters shot, ability to stay quiet, wind direction, etc. – However, in our preserves we CAN guarantee an OPPORTUNITY to make a claim. If for some reason an opportunity does not present itself we grant you a 5 YEAR CREDIT to come back for FREE to hunt again and get your hog. Recommended for one day hunts.

We offer all types of fair chase hog hunts including archery, rifle, spot & stalk, Wasp Injection System™ hunts, and dog & spear hunts (very popular with both old and young hunters!).

Use our Wasp Injection System™ It’s a CO2 charged knife; very effective for taking down a boar! You will not find the Wasp Injection System™ hunt anywhere else!

Experience traditional Florida hog hunting in the expansive wilderness of South and Central Florida.

  • Hunt YOUR way! Use firearms, dogs, spears or enjoy over 6000 acres of archery-only hunting ranches, designed to give you the best opportunity to harvest a trophy boar.
  • Boars are hunted by tree stand, stalking, guns, spears or with the aid of dogs. Whichever you choose, the hunt will provide you with the thrill of a lifetime.

If you have never known the thrill of hunting wild boar in Florida, then you owe it to yourself to book a hog hunt with us.

With the Florida hog population at a record high and constantly rising, there are great opportunities for the hunter wishing to harvest this elusive wild beast. Our boar hunts are done over natural travel areas, and active baits, with professional guidance. Each one of our stands is carefully maintained, catering to both the firearm and archery hunter.

At Alligator Alley Outfitters, we take great pride in strategically selecting our Florida hog hunting sites and bait stations to provide optimal results.

Our bait stations are active and full, year-round, with multiple wild hogs coming to each site regardless of season. Our tremendous hunting area with an abundance of active boar bait sites assures productive hunting. We have a proven track record of hunt success with limited hunting pressure throughout the season. Hunting stands and blinds are set up in key locations with ample cover for both hog and hunter. Shot-distance for bow hunters is not more than 20 yards and firearm hunters can expect an average shot of 40-60 yards. All hunts are fully inclusive with no hidden charges or additional fees.

What Time Should You Be There For Your Hunt?

Your Florida boar hunt will begin at 2:00 pm for tree stand hunts or 10:00 am for dog assisted hunts. Florida wild hog are nocturnal animals and do not move around much in the early hours of the day. We meet at camp at 2:00 pm and hunt until dark.

unnamed (1)What Makes us Successful:

We attribute our years of Florida wild hog hunting success to several key factors. Hunter concealment plays a major part in our stand locations along with time proven methods of scouting, baiting, and the natural setting of the bait site.

Our Advantage:

Having consistent hunting success with Florida hog hunting involves a team effort coordinated well with land management, scouting and highly experienced hunting guides. With bait sites running all year long, we work around the clock setting up locations and baiting sites. The massive area we have to hunt allows us to maximize the number of hunting stands with no overcrowding of any area. Our team-oriented philosophy combined with the unique and highly populated boar hunting area truly creates one of the best hog hunting opportunities in Florida.

– Skinning and quartering service is available for fee.

– No license required. Rental weapons available.

– Kids are always welcome.

Please Note: We offer three types of hog hunts, Fair chase hunts in the wild, High Fence preserve hunts and hunting over dogs. Our non-guaranteed, wild hog hunts do have high success rates, but we do recommend at least a two day package for the wild hog. Success rates vary throughout the year so please do not call and ask what our our success rates are. If you only have only one day to hunt, we strongly recommend booking the Preserve Guaranteed hunts. Our Dog hunt packages have a minimum of two hunters per party and run almost 100 percent success rates all times of the year. All non-hunting visitor/guest have a per day fee.


We require a 50% deposit per hunter and non-hunting guest to be placed on your card when booking. The remaining balance is due when you arrive for your hunt with cash or local check (no credit card or out of town checks are accepted in the field). We guarantee you are in the best hands with Alligator Alley Outfitters, the most respected wild boar outfitter in Florida!